What I Learned About Real Estate From My Barber

Dated: 03/10/2018

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I went to the barber shop to get my hair cut.  It started out as a normal day and normal hair cut - I check in at the counter, wait my turn, and I sit down in the chair to begin, just as I always do. I engage in small talk while the professional is cutting my hair. It was all run-of-the-mill normal stuff up to this point. Then our conversation changed when she began talking about a barber video she watched and how inspiring it was for her seeing how professional they were in their craft. Leather bibs, sharp scissors, and a truckload of razors and accessories to help do the job just right for their clients.  Using a whole array of tools, talent and training to cut clients hair to their satisfaction. She said the video reminded her of her own expertise, and how she is trained to perform a skill that many of us cannot, which is why we (as clients) make an appointment to have a barber/stylist cut our hair, right?  When we want it done well, we go to the professional.

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This conversation reminded me of my own skill set, and what I have to offer clients with their real estate needs.  I have my own set of “leather bibs and sharp scissors” for selling homes!  Not only am I a real estate agent, but I am a licensed Realtor® which represents extra time, training and tools I have in my real estate “tool-belt”.  I  have years experience buying, selling and rehabbing homes as well as expertise in creating financial plans for clients, and counseling clients through stressful situations;  so I have my own 'truckload of razors and accessories' to do my job well. 

This was a good reminder for me - and it’s interesting isn’t it? How something as simple as a little video can reset our brain to see a better perspective?  A video clip or a song on the radio can restore the hope and confidence we need to go on.  There are times in life when we forget just how hard we have worked to perfect our craft or skill, and underestimate ourselves, our strengths and abilities.  And it’s funny how a simple reminder can give us the course correction we need to get our brain back on track.  Life gives us hills and valleys. At times it may just be our meekness or humility; other times we may actually underestimate ourselves or sell our self short.  For some of us it may be both, I'm not sure. But one thing I am sure of is that it was inspiring to see how excited and inspired my barber was by a video - a simple reminder that she is awesome and does her job well.  And she does!  She did a great job and inspired me at the same time.   So, I left there giving her a double tip and feeling energized for the day and ready to take on the world! 

If you are in the market to buy or sell your home, please consider me as your agent.  I may not be able to cut your hair, but I know real estate.  If you want your real estate done well, come to a professional.  I work to be an inspiration and use all the tools, talent and training at my disposal for you!  (*Leather bib and sharp scissors not included). 

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